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Dr. Kristen L. Mauk, PhD, DNP, RN, CRRN, GCNS-BC, GNP-BC, FAAN

Guest Blog:Technology in mobility, a smarter outlook!

In a world where technology seems to pervade every aspect of our lives, we take a look at how technology can make a positive contribution to care and making the lives of your loved ones easier and more dignified in later life.

Many people will be familiar with the term ‘Aids To Daily Living’.  This simply describes a category of products that do exactly what the term implies. Usually associated with smaller products that help in the home or the garden, these products are at the forefront in the push for technological breakthroughs as manufacturers look for the next big seller!

This relentless drive has meant that the Living Aids sector has grown massively from just a few lines of products in the early eighties, to quite literally thousands of product lines and growing today.

Examples of some Daily Living Aids include easy grip cutlery; can and bottle openers, long handled tools, the list is almost endless and there are new innovations being developed daily.

Technology has pushed the advancement of lightweight materials including new plastics, metals alloys and electronic components that have revolutionised many products. A good example of this is the walking stick, formerly made of cane in a one-size-fits-all configuration; the walking stick now has many types, materials, colours and setting options. Many of the enhancements have been borrowed from the world of high end sport, F1, military and even space!

Further evidence of this technological boundary breaking has been in the field of medical prosthetics where both mechanical engineering and state of the art electronics mean that disabled people are now receiving much greater movement options as bio and electronic systems become ever more intertwined.

The care sector has always been hungry for new technology, as most readers will be aware it is the smaller sometimes mundane tasks that affect our loved ones and that require specialist products that can help. The search for these products can be challenging but the internet can be a valuable resource to locate Daily Living Aids that can be most useful.

It is usually a good idea to start with the problem when looking for new products, i.e. ‘problems reaching high shelves’ – searches like this will often bring up some product based results and technology based answers. Another good resource is forums where new technology is discussed and you can canvas the experience of other product users.

A greater range of Daily Living Aids products can mean more independence as more tasks become available through the tools available. It can make a big difference to self-esteem as the person can continue to feel they can perform ordinary tasks, albeit with a little help in the right direction, and sometimes a little push to get them to adopt something new!

As with all technology, it will continue and this will mean that in the future we can look through to even more discoveries that can contribute to increased mobility and independent living of our loved ones; this can only be a good thing and is a great example of using technology in a positive way, for the benefit of all.

This post was written on behalf of Andrew Atkinson. Andrew is a director of mobility products specialists MobilitySmart and has written many articles on providing health and mobility tips .




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Guest Post: Why Mobility Aids Don’t Need to Be Used Long Term

pic of mobile unit

There’s a common misconception that the moment you buy a mobility aid, such as a walking frame or mobility scooter, is the moment you give up your independence.

It’s easy to see why someone could feel like they’re giving in to old age, with stereotypes showing seniors that can’t do anything for themselves.

Take a look at things a different way. Instead of feeling like you’re giving up and accepting defeat, look at your mobility aid as a sensible choice for increasing independence and freedom.

Do they need to be a permanent fixture once you’ve bought them?

Nobody’s going to connect you to a mobility scooter, or fuse you to a walking frame. They don’t become a part of you, just because you’ve bought them. You’re free to use them as little or as often as you’d like. You might just use your mobility aid for long-distance walks or days out with the grandkids. Alternatively, you might decide that you need to use them every time you go to the store.

Aren’t some mobility aids too expensive for occasional use?

Mobility scooters certainly aren’t the cheapest things, but they’re a whole lot cheaper than a car! And they’ll probably do more for your overall independence, too.

There are ways to keep your costs down. If you’re confident that you need a mobility aid only in really rare circumstances, you might find that it’s cheaper to hire a mobility scooter than to buy one to keep at home. Some attractions, such as theme parks, offer mobility scooter hire. Otherwise, look for a company that specifically offers this service.

If you think that you’re going to need your mobility aid more frequently, but if you’re really not ready to commit to a high value purchase, you might find that buying used is the best option for you and your bank balance.

Pre owned mobility scooters cost a lot less than brand new ones, and if you buy from a reputable company then they should be professionally refurbished, serviced and checked.

Alternatively, if you’re planning to use your mobility scooter almost daily, it’s probably worth buying brand new. That way, you’ll get the longest possible lifespan combined with the newest features, and premium manufacturer support.

Is a mobility scooter always the best choice?

If you’re really struggling to get around then a mobility scooter could be the best purchase for you. They can be used to travel over relatively long distances, comfortably and easily, and are for indoor and outdoor use.

If you simply need a little support to walk on your own two feet, crutches, a walking stick or a walking frame might be a better choice.

Wheelchairs, including electric wheelchairs, have always been a popular option. It’s worth noting, however, that these don’t have the same sturdy build as a mobility scooter and won’t be so good on bumpy surfaces or long-term outdoor use.

Whatever you choose, feel free to use your mobility aid one day and set it aside the next. There are no rules as long as you’re happy with your investment.


Mobility Smart is an online retailer stocking a wide range of mobility aids and daily living aids, including new and used mobility scooters and other walking aids for people with limited mobility. Click here to find out more.

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How to Maintain Mental Wellness in Your Senior Years


 Aging is a characteristic piece of life, and as we become older, maintaining excellent mental health turns out to be increasingly crucial. While actual health frequently takes the spotlight, mental wellness is similarly fundamental in ensuring a top-notch life during one’s senior years. In this article, we will investigate the critical techniques to maintain mental wellness in your old years, taking inspiration from mental health influencers who have prepared for positive aging.

The Meaning of Mental Wellness in Seniors

Mental wellness incorporates close-to-home, mental, and social prosperity. It involves managing pressure, maintaining connections, and making decisions that upgrade your satisfaction. In your senior years, mental wellness is especially critical because of multiple factors:

  1. Emotional Resilience

The capacity to deal with life’s difficulties and return quickly from misfortune is essential for seniors. Excellent mental health empowers profound flexibility, helping seniors adapt to health issues, misfortune, and other life-altering events.

  1. Cognitive Function

Mental wellness is intently attached to mental capability. Staying mentally dynamic through exercises like reading, riddles, and learning new abilities can assist seniors with preserving their mental capacities and memory.

  1. Quality of Life

Seniors with significant mental health are bound to partake in a top-notch life. They can remain socially connected, seek after their interests, and continue to lead fulfilling lives.

  1. Physical Health

Mental and actual health intertwine. Seniors with solid mental wellness are bound to participate in healthy behavior, like activity, a reasonable eating routine, and normal healthcare visits.

Methodologies for Maintaining Mental Wellness

  1. Stay Truly Active

Normal activity is a valuable asset for maintaining mental wellness. It discharges endorphins, which can support the mind-set and lessen the gamble of sorrow. Exercises like walking, swimming, or yoga can assist with keeping both body and mind in top shape. Mental health influencers frequently stress the association between actual work and profound prosperity.

  1. Maintain Social Connections

Loneliness and social segregation can harm mental health. Seniors ought to effectively search out friendly interactions with family, companions, and, surprisingly, new acquaintances. Mental health influencers frequently energize the significance of maintaining solid informal organizations.

  1. Pursue lasting Learning

Engaging in continuous learning is a successful method for keeping the mind sharp and advancing mental wellness. Whether it’s picking up another side interest, learning an instrument, or taking courses, intellectual pursuits can give a feeling of achievement and motivation.

  1. Manage Stress

Stress is a piece of life, yet persistent pressure can negatively affect mental health. Practicing pressure-the-board strategies like reflection, profound breathing, and mindfulness can assist seniors with staying quiet and centered. Mental health influencers frequently share their encounters with pressure-decrease plans.

  1. Seek Proficient Support

Assuming seniors are experiencing symptoms of despair, uneasiness, or other mental health issues, looking for proficient help is fundamental. Mental health influencers frequently destigmatize treatment and counseling, emphasizing that seeking support is a bold move toward better mental health.

  1. Stay Positive

Maintaining an uplifting perspective on life can fundamentally influence mental wellness. Practicing appreciation, focusing on the present, and embracing a feeling of direction can assist seniors with finding euphoria and satisfaction in their senior years. Mental health influencers frequently share inspirational and positive messages to inspire their supporters.

 Manage Constant Illness

Seniors frequently must adapt to persistent health conditions. Managing these circumstances successfully is pivotal for mental wellness. Adhering to treatment plans, staying informed, and seeking support gatherings can all add to better close-to-home prosperity.

 Engage in Imaginative Expression

Innovative articulation, like artistry, writing, or music, can be a helpful source for seniors. It permits them to articulate their thoughts, process their feelings, and find satisfaction in their imaginative undertakings. Mental health influencers frequently utilize innovative articulation as a method for sharing their stories and inspiring others.

 Volunteer and Give Back

Volunteering isn’t just a method for giving back to the local area but also a valuable chance to feel a feeling of direction and achievement. Helping others can support confidence and mental prosperity. Numerous mental health influencers find satisfaction in their backing work and volunteering endeavors.

  • Embrace Technology

Innovation can assist seniors with staying associated with friends and family, accessing mental health assets, and participating in mentally stimulating exercises. Utilizing cell phones, tablets, and PCs can open up a universe of chances for seniors to remain mentally dynamic and socially locked in.

Inspirational Mental Health Influencers

 Mental health influencers have made considerable commitments to the talk on profound prosperity in seniors and individuals, everything being equal. Their stories and support endeavors act as an inspiration for seniors looking to maintain their mental wellness. The following are a couple of influential figures who have made ready:

  1. Patricia Edgar

Patricia Edgar, a promoter for senior mental wellness, has spoken enthusiastically about the significance of staying dynamic and socially associated and participating in meaningful exercises in one’s senior years. Her backing has inspired numerous seniors to lead dynamic and fulfilling lives.

  1. John Grohol

As the organizer behind Psych Focal, John Grohol has been a vocal defender of mental health mindfulness. His work underlines the significance of seeking proficient help and reducing the shame surrounding mental health issues.

  1. Wendy Sue Swanson

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a pediatrician, has utilized her foundation to urge a comprehensive way to deal with mental wellness, highlighting the association between physical and psychological health. She advocates for standard activity, nourishment, and a solid interpersonal organization.

  1. Rudy Caseres

Rudy Caseres has become a prominent promoter of mental health mindfulness, especially within the senior local area. His endeavors have urged seniors to look for treatment, decrease the shame surrounding mental health, and participate in open discussions about their close-to-home prosperity.


Maintaining mental wellness in your senior years isn’t just imaginable but fundamental for a fulfilling and meaningful life. The systems examined, inspired by mental health influencers, offer a guide for promoting close-to-home prosperity in seniors. Staying genuinely dynamic, nurturing social associations, embracing deep-rooted learning, and managing pressure are almighty tools to improve mental health and make a positive aging encounter. The excursion to mental wellness in your senior years is an ongoing cycle; one loaded up with open doors for development, association, and a significant feeling of satisfaction.

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Sometimes We Just Need a Little Grace

2013-09-01 03.53.39

This is my dog. Her name is Grace. We fondly call her Gracie.

Gracie is a miniature pinscher, born just over 9 years ago, the last of a six-puppy litter. She was barely 3 inches long at birth and a third the size of the other puppies. We doubted she would survive. Her mother rejected her and tried to throw her out of “the nest” because she was different than the other puppies.

But my children and I believed in Gracie’s survival. We fed her by hand with an eyedropper as we cradled her in our palms, and we gave her the love and nurture she didn’t get from her own family of dogs. I had to lay her mother on my lap so that Gracie could be nursed apart from the others. When she was too weak to nurse, the kids and I took shifts to feed her around the clock and speak encouraging words of survival to her. Soon she became the strongest and most dominant of the pack, although still the smallest. She could fend off her five littermates from the food bowl with a fierce growl and scary glance. And Gracie repaid our faith in her will to live by returning the care and comfort she received from us with a lifetime of love and companionship.

Now that she is an older adult dog, she shows those signs of aging that we all do: gray hair, hearing loss, cataracts, stiff joints, and some excess weight around the middle. But like so many of us Baby Boomer humans, Gracie has the heart and soul of her younger years. She will still chase a chipmunk, but no longer catches it. She can still jump around with excitement, but then promptly falls asleep on the couch. Even in her old age, she continues to teach us about another kind of grace.

When I return from a business trip, Gracie is the first to greet me. Long before my husband or kids make it to the door, she hears my footsteps and comes running. You would think I was the most important person on earth as she jumps and whines and licks me, climbing in my lap for some affection. She makes me feel like a queen. It doesn’t matter to Gracie if I am in a grumpy mood, if I’m overweight, or if my hair is gray. She doesn’t care if I’m smart or not, or if others find me attractive. I am her person! She loves me the same in the morning, noon, or night and she never holds a grudge. In fact, I think that my dog seems to know more about unconditional love than many people do. She doesn’t hold my faults against me and she loves me just the way I am. She always shows it no matter what else has happened in the day. Gracie is the one at my feet in every room of the house. She sleeps next to me when I watch TV. She follows me everywhere. She is always at the door to protect me from strangers. She would give her life for mine in an instant if she could, and without a thought for herself. I sometimes find myself wishing that I had her strength of character.

It is a wonder to me that an ordinary, common, little runt of a dog without the powers of human reasoning could possess qualities that we so seldom see in people. The judgment and unforgiveness of others, sometimes even among our own families, is outshone by the loyalty and companionship that little Grace gives me every day.

So, maybe today we can learn a lesson from the simplest of God’s creatures. Show your enthusiasm for life and each other. Be a loyal companion. Take time to show affection. Miss each other terribly when you are apart. Be happy when you are together again. Forget past mistakes and harsh words. Practice forgiveness. And above all, love unconditionally.

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Five Healthy and Fun Family Activities for Fall


Fall is a time of beautiful colors and crisp, fresh air, especially in places like the Western slope in Colorado. There are many simple family activities you can do with children and grandchildren to take advantage of this time of year, from Halloween tricks and treats to Thanksgiving traditions. Here are some that our family enjoys.

Go apple-picking


There’s nothing like picking apples straight off the tree. Besides the amazement that a good fruit-bearing tree could actually feed a family all year with delicious fruit (provided you do the work of canning and freezing), you have the satisfaction of knowing right where the apples came from. No processing or waiting to see them in the grocery store. That is as healthy and fresh as it can get! Have the kids and grandkids help. Use laundry baskets to collect the apples, then take them home and wash thoroughly to remove any dirt or pesticides. Shine them up with a clean kitchen towel and store in the refrigerator to make them last longer. If you live in a cooperative climate, think about planting your own fruit trees. This year, one of our apple trees bore more than a thousand apples, and we picked them by hand, put them in cute bowls with scary spider rings and ribbons, then gave them to family members and friends. We had still plenty to eat, make pies and applesauce with, and experienced the joy of sharing with others.

Organize a costume exchange


A lovely tradition at some churches is the annual costume exchange. Throughout October, the church gathers donations of gently used costumes from willing donors. Flyers are distributed in the community to advertise free costumes on a Saturday at the church for any who needs one. The women of the church bake cookies and have special treats available for that day. People from the town who might not be able to afford costumes for their kids visit as a family and get costumes free of charge while enjoying a time of neighborly fellowship.

Decorate pumpkins

Whether you have small children, teens, or grandkids, visiting the pumpkin patch is a treat. Some local farms will offer hay rides out to the field for everyone to find their perfect pumpkin. Have apple cider and donuts afterwards. For older kids, try a challenging corn maze at night with flashlights and glow rings. At home, decorate pumpkins by carving (but be careful to supervise – those carving knives are sharp), coloring, painting, gluing with felt designs, or other age-appropriate items. Display your creations in the window or on the porch for others to enjoy.

Share homemade baked goods

Around Thanksgiving time, many communities offer a complete turkey dinner for the homeless or those in need. Other towns provide a lunch for anyone who wishes to come and be part of a larger feast on Thanksgiving day. In some cases, cookies are taken to those who are in prison to brighten their day. To make such ventures a success, the sponsors often ask community members to bake pies or other baked goods. This is an excellent opportunity for children to learn to give to others who may be less fortunate. The entire family can be involved in baking and sharing with others in the spirit of being thankful.

Visit a special place to look at the changing colors


Chances are, there is a special place near you that has especially vibrant Fall colors. Certain parts of Colorado attract people from miles around for picture-taking of our aspen and other trees at the peak of the season. A drive through the mountains or hills can be quality family time. Stop and take early senior-pictures of your graduates or a family portrait for a Thanksgiving or Christmas card. Post your pics on FaceBook for friends and family to enjoy or make a Fall scrapbook to preserve the memories.

There are many ways to celebrate our gratefulness for all that God has given us. No matter how you participate in the wonder of the Fall season, be sure to stop and take time to breathe in the beauty of our great country.



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Guest Blog: Places to Visit in Dubai for Senior Citizens


If you are a senior citizen, then you must know that Dubai is the perfect place to visit. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and has everything you need to have an amazing time. Not only is it filled with beautiful buildings and attractions, but it also has great weather all year round and you can get discount tickets for Dubai attractions! You’ll never run out of things to do here in Dubai; there are plenty of museums, restaurants, hotels and malls to explore when visiting this amazing city!

Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. To get there, you can take a taxi or drive yourself.

The hotel has 730 rooms and suites, all of which are decorated with opulence and luxury in mind. The hotel is also known for its 5-star restaurants that serve traditional Arabic cuisine as well as international dishes such as steak tartare or duck confit salad. Other facilities include a spa offering facials and massages; an indoor swimming pool; an outdoor tennis court; a gymnasium with personal trainers on hand to assist guests who wish it; underground parking space for cars (or other vehicles); room service available 24 hours per day; free Wi-Fi throughout the entire building–and much more!

Dubai Festival City Mall

Dubai Festival City Mall is a great place to visit if you’re looking for something that has it all. It has a number of restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as cinema, bowling alley and roller skating rink. There’s also an indoor play area for children called Kidzania where kids can work in different professions such as doctor or chef.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is one of the most popular places to visit in Dubai. It’s located at the heart of Downtown Dubai, which makes it easy to get there by public transport.

The mall has more than 1,200 stores that offer everything from clothing and jewelry to cosmetics and electronics. It also has a variety of dining options including food courts, fine dining restaurants and cafés. There are also plenty of entertainment options including an ice rink where you can skate during winter months (December through February). If you’re feeling adventurous try out one of their roller coasters or go on one of their rides like “The Falcon”. The mall also hosts events throughout the year such as concerts by international artists so check out their website for more details!

Sharaf DG Mall

Sharaf DG Mall is located in Al Quoz and is a popular destination for senior citizens. The mall has a wide range of shops and restaurants, as well as an ice skating rink, laser tag arena and bowling alley.

The mall stays open 24 hours a day, seven days a week so there’s no need to worry about your elderly parents getting bored or hungry while they’re there! It also has plenty of space for them to sit down if they want to rest their legs after walking around all day long (or even just popping out quickly).

There’s an underground car park at the back of the building which makes it easy for you or other family members who may be with them when visiting this beautiful place 🙂

The Wild Wadi Water Park

The Wild Wadi Water Park is the perfect place for families and friends to spend a day. There are so many slides and rides that everyone in your group will find something they enjoy. The park also has food and drinks available, so you can keep your energy up while you’re having fun!

The park is open from 9am-6pm daily (except Fridays), though it does get busy at weekends so it’s worth booking tickets online if possible. Entry costs AED120 for adults and AED90 for children ages three-12 years old.

These are some of the places you can visit with your senior citizen relative.

There are many places to visit in Dubai, and you should take your senior citizen relative to them. You can also do other activities, like go shopping or eat at a restaurant. Some good places to stay are the Burj Al Arab Hotel, which has a very nice pool with dolphins; the Jumeriah Beach Hotel (it has a great view of the ocean), or even just staying at home!


We hope that this list has inspired you to visit some of the best places in Dubai for senior citizens. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know!


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