10 Things to Consider Before Moving to a Care Home

A care home makes up for one of the best places to access assisted living services. There are many such services in the country, making it difficult to choose the right one. You have to consider many unique factors to ensure you choose the ideal service provider. Fortunately, this guide looks at ten things to consider before moving to a care home:

1. The Pricing Packages

A care home offers services at a cost, and you have to be aware of their pricing plans. Usually, each pricing plan comes with different offers and levels of assisted living benefits. Reviewing these plans will help you make an informed decision for your care home needs. You can request information such as the average cost of assisted living by calling the care home or vising their website. Ensure you ask all relevant questions about each pricing plan before investing.

2. Online Presence

A good assisted living service is available online because nowadays, the average person uses the internet to search for solutions. The service should be available on social media, a website, or any other internet-based platform. A simple search engine query should help expose all the relevant care homes in your location. The ones that come up high in the search results are usually the most reputable.

3. Location

Logistics is a crucial factor when choosing the ideal care home. People have different location needs, and you have to consider this in choosing the ideal home. Some prefer homes that are in urban areas, while others prefer those that are in reserved locations. The location also helps determine whether you have chosen a reputable service because unprofessional people tend to work in remote areas.

4. Regulatory Approval

A care home should run as a state-recognized and approved business entity. Usually, the evidence of this approval is available on the business’s website or product portfolio. Or, it can also be available through local state databases or records. The approval helps to show that you have chosen a professional service.

5. Medical Services Offered

People in care homes sometimes need various types of medical services. A good care home can address these needs and suits the need of different patients. Medical services can include prescription management, mental health initiatives, and more. You also have to determine whether the home has the licensing to offer such services.

6. Enhanced Assisted Living

Enhanced assisted living refers to the various technologies a care home offers to patients with special needs. A good example would be assistive devices that help deaf patients or those with memory loss. The devices help these individuals to navigate everyday obligations conveniently. While such resources are likely to increase the cost of medical care, they are crucial for assisted living purposes.

7. Team of Staff

The team of staff available at the care home is also crucial for the assistive living services they can provide. Ensure you have a broad perspective of each team member before settling on a specific service provider. Doing this will help increase the likelihood of receiving high-quality medical health attention or help. It also helps ensure that the facility well addresses each patient’s needs.

8. Offers and Incentives

The quality of incentives the care home provides is also crucial for the medical services to its patients. The offers and incentives should be transparent and suitable for patients with long-term needs. The reason is that most care home patients are patients who will live in the facility for long durations. The offers can include discounts and privileges such as vacations for loyal clients.

9. Affiliations

You should also consider a care home with excellent affiliations with entities such as medical facilities. The reason is that it helps guarantee the likelihood that you will receive high-quality care home services. The affiliations can include those that exist with traditional medical services.

10. Social Support Programs

The ideal care home also has excellent social support programs for its patients. The programs should include recreational, physical, and other forms of outdoor activity. It should also include custom programs for people that have specific care needs.


As you have noticed, there is more to receiving medical care than the average person can expect. You must consider various factors and details to ensure you get the best service provider.

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Guest Blog: Tips For Preventing Falls Among The Elderly

Falls among seniors are more common than you think.

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 36 million older adults suffer a fall each year.

Our muscles lose strength, and our balance and coordination decline as we get older. As our senior loved ones are already at a certain age, they are now more prone to falls, and it could only get worse as they get on in years.

However, we can take steps to keep our seniors from suffering falls. Here are some tips on how to prevent falls among the elderly.


Make sure your parent’s or grandparent’s space is clutter-free. You can’t have random stuff lying all over the place, becoming a tripping hazard for seniors. The floors that your elderly loved one walks on should always be clear, with nothing to step, slip, and trip on.

Put Up Grab Bars & Handrails In Strategic Spots

Seniors can use additional support when walking around the house. So, it would be great if the hallways, bathrooms, and stairways are fitted with handrails and grab bars.

Add More Lights

Our seniors typically have poor eyesight, which can only get worse under poor lighting conditions. By installing additional lights (and brighter ones at that), seniors will have a better chance of seeing and avoiding tripping and slipping hazards as they go about the house.

Use Only Non-Slip Mats & Rugs

All the mats and rugs in the house should be the non-slip type or secured to the floor.

Get Them To Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is crucial to keeping the muscles, bones, and sense of balance of our seniors strong. Walking, lifting light weights, climbing stairs, or doing something as simple as standing on one leg for a minute or two can already help them stay as fit as possible. The fitter they are, the lower their risk of suffering a fall.

Tell Them To Be More Careful

Sometimes, seniors fall because they try to move too fast when walking across the room or getting out of bed. Tell them they need to be more careful when doing so and always move at a more comfortable pace.

Falls don’t have to be synonymous with getting older. By taking the necessary precautions, our seniors stand a better chance of avoiding them.


About the Author

 Melissa Andrews is the Content Marketing Strategist for Paradise Living Centers, an assisted living center for seniors with locations in Paradise Valley and Phoenix, Arizona. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and going on hiking trips with her siblings and cousins.



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How Can You Tell if Your Elderly Family Member Needs Home Care

Accepting the need for assistance is not easy for adults as they get older. So, how will you determine when your elderly parent needs home care? One thing is sure: your parents are not likely to be the ones who tell you.

Older adults have a desire to remain independent and be in control. Usually, a senior will hide any issues out of fear of being a burden or because they are embarrassed or ashamed. However, until a sudden decline in their overall health makes it obvious, they need assistance. Since adult children don’t come up with a care decision plan before the crisis takes place, the stress of an unexpected hospitalization complicates things even more.

One way to avoid this problematic scenario is to start regularly monitoring your aging parent’s mental and physical abilities. Make sure he knows this is not an accusation but instead a way to help him maintain his independence for as long as possible. It is not easy to see a loved one’s health decline, but you can help them avoid any medical crisis if you know the signs. To determine whether your parents need home care, keep an eye on the following essential signs:

Essential Signs that Your Elderly Family Member Needs Home Care

1. Difficulty Getting Around
As many experts agree, most people over the age of 70 need some help to go about their routine. However, your family member may not feel comfortable telling you that he needs assistance. Over time, vision and hearing loss may become severe enough to limit your loved one’s ability to move around the house without help. Your parents will also need some help if they begin having problems with balance or coordination.

2. Difficulty Taking Care of Themselves
While it is normal for older adults to deal with medical issues eventually, it is not normal for them to not take care of themselves altogether. It is one of the most obvious signs that your loved one needs help. When you notice that they are unable to take care of their hygiene or clean up after themselves, you have to intervene.

3. Physical Decline
As the years’ progress, most elderly adults will experience a gradual decrease in physical fitness and mobility. However, some older adults experience a sudden decline in health that is too rapid to be recognized by any family member. Once this happens, they can’t regain their full strength and mobility before they are forced to seek home care assistance.

4. Cluttered Home
In most cases, older adults take pride in the appearance of their homes. Over time, they will likely develop a tidy and clean appearance. However, this will start to change as they get older. In addition to the usual clutter created over time, it is essential to keep an eye out for signs that your elderly family member needs home care due to cluttered spaces.

5. Loss of Memory or Confusion
An alarming number of elderly adults suffer from some degree of memory loss or confusion. As a result, they may fail to remember important dates, events, and conversations, while some may become disoriented while trying to get ready for the day or do other routine tasks. These are warning signs that your elderly parent may have developed dementia.

6. Frequent Falls
As the year’s pass, seniors tend to have a greater chance of falling. As a result, they may need assistance getting up from a chair or moving around to get to the bathroom without damaging themselves. These falls occur gradually over time in most cases and do not require any immediate attention from you or your family. However, if you notice that your loved one is falling more frequently or becoming unstable while moving around the house, you should consider calling for a senior home care service.

7. Reduced Appetite and Sudden Weight Loss or No Gain in Weight
A sudden and unexplained loss of appetite or inability to gain weight is a possible sign that your loved one needs home care. Such problems may be linked to some form of pain or discomfort that he is unable to self-diagnose. When this happens, it is time for you to step in and intervene.

8. Feelings of Worthlessness and Hopelessness
If you notice that your elderly parent is experiencing a change in their attitude, it might signify that they feel worthless or hopeless about something. You can tell if your loved one is unhappy with their life when he starts complaining about things more often than usual and becomes more irritable than normal. It may help to write down thoughts about these feelings or speak to a counselor for some guidance.

9. Shift in Personality
It is normal for older adults to become more irritable as they age. It could be due to any number of reasons, including pain or medication side effects. However, if your elderly loved one changes significantly in personality, it may be a sign that dementia has set in. For example, most people who experience memory issues will occasionally forget to pick up their medication or lose important documents. But if your loved one forgets things regularly, you must consider consulting a physician.

Hiring Home Care for Elderly Family Member
Once you notice any signs that your loved one may need care, the best way to help them maintain their independence is to hire senior home care services. These agencies offer caregivers who are trained to assist the elderly with various activities. They can provide assistance with daily living, including bathing or getting dressed, as well as other activities depending on the needs of your loved one.

The ideal way to start your search is to ask yourself, “Are there any great senior care services near me that can address my parent’s needs?” To ensure that the agency will provide the most effective service, look for reviews and ratings online. Ask friends and relatives if they have had similar experiences with specific agencies and services. You can also ask family members and friends if they know of individuals who would be good candidates for home care.

All in all, these are some of the most common signs that you may need to hire senior home care services for your family member. If you notice any of these indicators, it is never too late to consider hiring assistance.

Author Bio
I’m Andrea Gibbs, Born, raised, and still living in New York. I’m a work-at-home mom with a background in business development, strategy, and social media marketing. I’m a blog contributor at Serenity Senior Care to motivate other parents about how they can enhance their elderly loved ones quality of life.


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How to Maintain Mental Wellness in Your Senior Years


 Aging is a characteristic piece of life, and as we become older, maintaining excellent mental health turns out to be increasingly crucial. While actual health frequently takes the spotlight, mental wellness is similarly fundamental in ensuring a top-notch life during one’s senior years. In this article, we will investigate the critical techniques to maintain mental wellness in your old years, taking inspiration from mental health influencers who have prepared for positive aging.

The Meaning of Mental Wellness in Seniors

Mental wellness incorporates close-to-home, mental, and social prosperity. It involves managing pressure, maintaining connections, and making decisions that upgrade your satisfaction. In your senior years, mental wellness is especially critical because of multiple factors:

  1. Emotional Resilience

The capacity to deal with life’s difficulties and return quickly from misfortune is essential for seniors. Excellent mental health empowers profound flexibility, helping seniors adapt to health issues, misfortune, and other life-altering events.

  1. Cognitive Function

Mental wellness is intently attached to mental capability. Staying mentally dynamic through exercises like reading, riddles, and learning new abilities can assist seniors with preserving their mental capacities and memory.

  1. Quality of Life

Seniors with significant mental health are bound to partake in a top-notch life. They can remain socially connected, seek after their interests, and continue to lead fulfilling lives.

  1. Physical Health

Mental and actual health intertwine. Seniors with solid mental wellness are bound to participate in healthy behavior, like activity, a reasonable eating routine, and normal healthcare visits.

Methodologies for Maintaining Mental Wellness

  1. Stay Truly Active

Normal activity is a valuable asset for maintaining mental wellness. It discharges endorphins, which can support the mind-set and lessen the gamble of sorrow. Exercises like walking, swimming, or yoga can assist with keeping both body and mind in top shape. Mental health influencers frequently stress the association between actual work and profound prosperity.

  1. Maintain Social Connections

Loneliness and social segregation can harm mental health. Seniors ought to effectively search out friendly interactions with family, companions, and, surprisingly, new acquaintances. Mental health influencers frequently energize the significance of maintaining solid informal organizations.

  1. Pursue lasting Learning

Engaging in continuous learning is a successful method for keeping the mind sharp and advancing mental wellness. Whether it’s picking up another side interest, learning an instrument, or taking courses, intellectual pursuits can give a feeling of achievement and motivation.

  1. Manage Stress

Stress is a piece of life, yet persistent pressure can negatively affect mental health. Practicing pressure-the-board strategies like reflection, profound breathing, and mindfulness can assist seniors with staying quiet and centered. Mental health influencers frequently share their encounters with pressure-decrease plans.

  1. Seek Proficient Support

Assuming seniors are experiencing symptoms of despair, uneasiness, or other mental health issues, looking for proficient help is fundamental. Mental health influencers frequently destigmatize treatment and counseling, emphasizing that seeking support is a bold move toward better mental health.

  1. Stay Positive

Maintaining an uplifting perspective on life can fundamentally influence mental wellness. Practicing appreciation, focusing on the present, and embracing a feeling of direction can assist seniors with finding euphoria and satisfaction in their senior years. Mental health influencers frequently share inspirational and positive messages to inspire their supporters.

 Manage Constant Illness

Seniors frequently must adapt to persistent health conditions. Managing these circumstances successfully is pivotal for mental wellness. Adhering to treatment plans, staying informed, and seeking support gatherings can all add to better close-to-home prosperity.

 Engage in Imaginative Expression

Innovative articulation, like artistry, writing, or music, can be a helpful source for seniors. It permits them to articulate their thoughts, process their feelings, and find satisfaction in their imaginative undertakings. Mental health influencers frequently utilize innovative articulation as a method for sharing their stories and inspiring others.

 Volunteer and Give Back

Volunteering isn’t just a method for giving back to the local area but also a valuable chance to feel a feeling of direction and achievement. Helping others can support confidence and mental prosperity. Numerous mental health influencers find satisfaction in their backing work and volunteering endeavors.

  • Embrace Technology

Innovation can assist seniors with staying associated with friends and family, accessing mental health assets, and participating in mentally stimulating exercises. Utilizing cell phones, tablets, and PCs can open up a universe of chances for seniors to remain mentally dynamic and socially locked in.

Inspirational Mental Health Influencers

 Mental health influencers have made considerable commitments to the talk on profound prosperity in seniors and individuals, everything being equal. Their stories and support endeavors act as an inspiration for seniors looking to maintain their mental wellness. The following are a couple of influential figures who have made ready:

  1. Patricia Edgar

Patricia Edgar, a promoter for senior mental wellness, has spoken enthusiastically about the significance of staying dynamic and socially associated and participating in meaningful exercises in one’s senior years. Her backing has inspired numerous seniors to lead dynamic and fulfilling lives.

  1. John Grohol

As the organizer behind Psych Focal, John Grohol has been a vocal defender of mental health mindfulness. His work underlines the significance of seeking proficient help and reducing the shame surrounding mental health issues.

  1. Wendy Sue Swanson

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a pediatrician, has utilized her foundation to urge a comprehensive way to deal with mental wellness, highlighting the association between physical and psychological health. She advocates for standard activity, nourishment, and a solid interpersonal organization.

  1. Rudy Caseres

Rudy Caseres has become a prominent promoter of mental health mindfulness, especially within the senior local area. His endeavors have urged seniors to look for treatment, decrease the shame surrounding mental health, and participate in open discussions about their close-to-home prosperity.


Maintaining mental wellness in your senior years isn’t just imaginable but fundamental for a fulfilling and meaningful life. The systems examined, inspired by mental health influencers, offer a guide for promoting close-to-home prosperity in seniors. Staying genuinely dynamic, nurturing social associations, embracing deep-rooted learning, and managing pressure are almighty tools to improve mental health and make a positive aging encounter. The excursion to mental wellness in your senior years is an ongoing cycle; one loaded up with open doors for development, association, and a significant feeling of satisfaction.

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Daycare’s 5 Fun Online Activities for Seniors


As a person ages, it’s important for them to maintain a healthy routine of regular social engagement as well as physical and cognitive exercise.

There is a myriad of activities that a senior loved one can do to achieve these outcomes. From reading newspapers and playing card games to visiting friends and family and even going out for walks.

But what can seniors do during days when they can’t or don’t want to leave the house?

Below we’ve gathered a list of five (5) fun online activities for seniors. Read on to learn more!

Safe Online Usage

Before we move on to discuss the five fun online activities seniors can participate in, let’s first talk about how seniors can stay safe online.

Seniors are one of the most vulnerable age groups when it comes to online scams. It’s important to practice precautionary measures to keep loved ones safe while they explore the online world.

Families could get caregiving services that can provide their elderly loved ones with assistance during online activities. Caregivers are skilled and equipped to assist seniors in their day-to-day activities in an attempt to make things easier and safer for them.

A few other things family members can do to help keep their seniors safe online are:

  • Warn your loved ones not to give out personal or sensitive information to anyone online
  • Teach loved ones how to identify the SSL or “secure” symbol on websites and address bars
  • Remind loved ones never to click on pop-up advertisements on websites and emails

You can write all these on a notepad or sticky note so your senior loved ones can easily look at out whenever they need to be reminded.

Fun Online Activities for Seniors

Senior Exercise Classes

Since seniors are more susceptible to contracting COVID-19 than any other age group, it’s important for them to lessen their exposure to others. This has led them to spend more time at home where there is a lesser chance for them to get enough exercise and stimulation.

As a response to the growing need for physical activity and exercise in seniors, plenty of fitness studios and gyms have started offering exercise classes online.

You can find a variety of workouts for seniors to try online. From Yoga and Pilates to Tai Chi and even dancing.

Ask your loved one about the workouts he/she prefers and help them find a reliable site online to start exercising!

Online Games

It may be hard to believe, but a lot of older adults actually enjoy playing online games. There are plenty of free options that can provide seniors with intellectual stimulation to prevent cognitive decline and improve memory!

Choose among a variety of household favorites, such as word search, mahjong, solitaire, crossword puzzles, checkers, and chess.

Some websites may even allow you to play together with friends and family members! The AARP has a collection of online group games and activities that seniors can enjoy when they sign up for a membership. You can check out their game roster here.

Learn and Improve Skincare Techniques

Older adults have very specific skincare requirements. This is due to the fact that senior skin is often thinner and drier, making it more sensitive to cracking and dermatitis. Both conditions can make senior skin more vulnerable to bacterial infections.

There is a myriad of effective natural skincare techniques that seniors can try out online. These techniques can help promote better skin health and protect loved ones from harmful and life-threatening infections.

Adult Daycare

The term adult daycare is often seen in a not-so-positive light among older adults. That’s because the term “daycare” is often linked to programs designed for toddlers or younger children. However, that isn’t the case with adult daycare.

Online adult day programs are designed to help older adults explore their interests in a variety of studies and industries. It also helps them develop new skills and improve cognitive and physical health.

For example, some adult daycares may provide online arts and crafts classes for older adults who are more creative with their hands. They may also offer virtual museum tours, exercise classes, music classes, and many more!


Does your loved one have a skill or talent that they are passionate about? Perhaps they are experts at a certain topic, like marketing or advertising?

While blogging might be seen as something only the “youngsters” can do, older adults can also get a ton of benefits from the activity. Not only is it a way to make money on the side, but blogging can also act as a medium for older adults to share and communicate their thoughts, opinions, and teachings to an entire audience.

Seniors can write about practically anything, from how to plant vegetables in your garden the right way to self-help-type articles to help youngsters find a little more balance in the world.

There are plenty of blogs out there that accept senior guest writers to write for their blogs. You can find a couple of great places here on Wowitloveithaveit.com.

The Bottom Line

Age shouldn’t be a reason for a person to quit on their hopes and dreams. Encourage your loved ones to try new things every day. You never know, they might just be the next Julia Child or Stan Lee!


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