And the Oscar Goes to…
Watching the Oscars can be quite entertaining. Imagine the vision, creativity, and artistry that it takes for scores of people to come together to make a film that captivates the country by bringing a story to life! The coveted gold statue represents the pinnacle of one’s profession, a universally recognizable prize that causes a seasoned actor to forget his acceptance speech or lose her gracefulness while tripping over a ridiculously expensive gown. It made me wonder: What if there were Oscars awarded to the people who influenced healthcare? Here are some suggestions for the most deserving:

Best Picture: an award for radiologists viewing the film of a cancer-free survivor

Actor/Actress in a Leading Role: the oncologists who don’t let their patients see them cry after having to give a terminal diagnosis

Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role: the nurse who provides comfort to the parents of a dying child

Best Adapted Screenplay: the rehabilitation team members who help survivors find new life again after stroke

Cinematography: for persons who capture the inspiring moments of the Special Olympics
Costume design: the prosthetists, orthotists, and biomechanical engineers who create both function and beauty to clothe persons needing artificial limbs

Directing: the heads of national organizations that lead the way in research and education in a specialty area

Best Makeup: the funeral home directors who help make our loved ones look their best for the final goodbye

Best Visual Effects: the burn specialists and plastic surgeons who reconstruct the facial features of a firefighter or war veteran after severe burns

Best Sound Mixing: the audiologists and manufacturers of hearing devices that help us to listen and attend to the sounds around us

Best Film Editing: the skilled surgeons who remove the bad parts and recreate our inward parts so that our life picture is the best it can be
Best Original Song: the one sung by the double lung transplant survivors, like Charity Tillman-Dick, and made possible by the lung transplant team

I wish that we gave such awards to the people who make a real difference in the lives of so many. There are hundreds of unsung heroes of healthcare who influence our world but go unnoticed. When you come across one, won’t you tell them how much they are valued and appreciated? They may never win an Oscar, but without them we couldn’t shine.