Seniors and Addiction Rehab: What Do You Need to Know?

There are addiction rehab programs for seniors. Many people don’t consider seniors when they think of someone having an addiction. However, that may be a mistake. There are many seniors who experience chronic pain, grief, and other issues, which is why they may abuse drugs. The schedule will be customized to meet each individual’s addiction recovery needs.

Components of Treatment

It is helpful to know what the components of treatment will be, whether you or a senior in your life, needs to get treatment. Some of these components include the following:
Group therapy
● Daily assessments
● Pain management
● Medication assessments
● On-site medical detox
● Psychological assessments
● Faith-based counseling
● Relapse prevention tips
● Family therapy

These components may vary depending on the addiction treatment center that is attended. You may also get yoga, physical therapy, exercise, and other treatments.

Symptoms and Signs of Substance Abuse

It can be even more troublesome when an addiction goes unnoticed or doesn’t get treated. This is why it is so essential to recognize the symptoms and signs of substance abuse in seniors. Some of these things include the following:
● Anemia
● Agitation
● Liver function issues
● Anxiety
● Personal cleanliness issues
● Mental ability changes
● Eating habit changes
● Depression
● Increased falls
● Drinking despite consequences
● Weakness
● Fatigue
● Incontinence
● Violence
● Memory lapses
● Irritability
● More confusion than normal
● Losing interest in enjoyable activities
● Not keeping in touch with friends or family members
● Marital issues
● Panic attacks
● Mood swings
● Slurring of speech

If you notice these symptoms and signs in a senior, be sure to try to get them help.

When it comes to seniors and addiction rehab, it is important to know all this information. Addictions can be dangerous for anyone, especially the elderly. Their organs and body systems don’t work as well, so it is much easier to get alcohol poisoning or overdose on drugs. If you are a senior with an addiction, you can get inpatient rehab for elders today.


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Guest Blog: How to Ensure the Safety of the Elderly in Rehab Centers

Rehab centers have proven to be a breath of fresh air for individuals who have fallen prey to alcohol or drug addiction. They help people cope with their life-endangering habits and transform themselves to become a better person, thus, enabling them to live a happy and healthy life all over again. Rehabs are designed carefully to deal with people with various addictions, particularly elders. From installing a quiet hand dryer  to creating the room door, everything is customized to ensure the safety and wellbeing of inhabitants.

Letting go of any sort of addiction is never easy. When dealing with older adults, we need to be extra cautious owing to the fact that the ageing process makes them prone to other health issues as well. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while trying to maintain the safety of elders intact in a rehab center:

Higher a Highly Trained Staff:

The staff has a significant impact on adults’ safety and rehabilitation process. The more trained they are for the tasks, the better results will be yielded. A nurse who has experience working with younger people in a rehab center might not be fit for the task when treating older patients.

You need to ensure that your staff is professionally trained to work with ageing adults battling with addiction. Since they have different needs, their mind and body will react differently to medication. They will respond differently to therapy techniques. The behavioral changes might be hard to handle at times, but having trained staff will help deal with patients more appropriately and will ensure their health is monitored carefully.

Focus on the Environment:

When dealing with addiction among older adults, we need to pay special attention to our surroundings. Bringing comfort within the physical environment is crucial for the healing process to begin. Staying away from the problematic environment and living in a structurally designed environment accelerates the rehab process.

Inpatient rehab is the safest option for adults. The constant surveillance and support from the professionals make the detox and treatment process productive. Besides, being able to interact with someone battling the same issue as you, gives you the strength to pass the hurdles and bring out the best in you. Focusing on the environment of the rehab center is an essential step toward giving someone a new life.

Offering Aftercare Programs:

Since the goal of rehab facilities is to eradicate the alcohol or drug addiction from the patients completely, it is recommended to lend support to them even when the treatment time period is completed. Offering the aftercare program increases the success rate of your treatment. Going back to the previous environment brings a lot of stress to the patients since they will be living with all the trigger points around them.

Keeping them engaged with therapies, alumni programs, or sober living options ensures their safety and brings them physical and mental wellbeing.

Focus on Your Patients

Getting rid of an addiction is never easy. It is a lot of hard work, consistency and committed support of professionals that make it happen. We know that ‘old habits die hard’; dealing with older adults in rehab is more difficult than dealing with the younger ones. Make sure your rehab facility is fully equipped with everything that is needed for successful treatment and therapies. Keep the safety of your patients your priority for better outcomes of your treatment processes.


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