As we age our bodies begin to change sleeping patterns which result in abnormal sleep cycles. These changes impact our ability to fall asleep as well as increase the number of sleep disruptions we experience at night.

Sleep disorders such as insomnia and mental health issues can increase sleep deprivation as higher levels of stress and anxiety can cause fear and worry that are often associated with the inability to sleep.

To promote better sleep, it is important to create an environment conducive to sleep. This may include black out curtains, temperature regulation and a fan, light music or white noise machine. Additionally, one of the most beneficial ways to improve senior sleep is to consider a memory foam mattress.

Here are five reasons why seniors should consider a memory foam mattress.

Relieves joint pressure
As we age our joints begin to show wear from decades of activity. For some people this may mean replacement or alignment surgery. However, for most having a mattress that helps to provide support to your body’s joints. Without proper support, your joint pain can worsen. Memory foam mattresses align to your body’s shape and provide exceptional contoured alignment for your joints.

Helps to align the spine

Your spine helps provide support for the rest of your body. With poor spinal alignment you are prone to poor posture, less strength and overall protection, as well as a high potential for muscle and joint pain. With traditional mattresses as they age the mattress begins to form a pocket in the center of the mattress, essentially swallowing you as you sleep. This not only provides inconsistent support for your spine, but also makes it more difficult to get out of bed. A memory foam mattress won’t sag in the middle and forms to fit your body while also providing your spine natural support.

Provides edge support

Falls are one of the biggest risks for seniors. So, it is important that while you sleep you are not at risk of falling out of the bed. Edge support is how a mattress helps to prevent you from falling off the edge of your bed and onto the floor. Poor edge support makes it more difficult to get in and out of bed, while strong or stiff edge support will almost propel you from the bed if you get too close. Due to the form-fitting support of a memory foam mattress it applies the perfect edge support that allows seniors to get in and out of the bed without struggle, as well as keeps you well positioned to avoid falls.

Conducive to sleep

We all buy mattresses in hopes that it will help us improve our sleep. Memory foam mattresses are designed to provide the support and protection that aligns to the way you sleep. A traditional mattress that is too soft will sag and not provide adequate support while a hard mattress is too stiff for a lot of people to sleep without disruption. Memory foam mattresses work with your body to provide the perfect level of comfort which is conducive to promoting a quality night of sleep.

Memory foam mattresses are designed with support in mind to promote good sleep habits. For seniors, memory foam mattresses help to provide support for your joints while keeping the spine aligned and ensuring safe movement while asleep.