You spend several hours of the day running to and fro to get tasks done. And perhaps you spend the other hours checking off your to-do list behind a computer screen. The question is, do you see yourself being able to do this with the same tenacity and fervor five, 10, 20, or even 30 years from now?

The reality is, knee pain impacts about 31 million people in the United States, often due to osteoarthritis. And the older you get, the greater your chances of developing knee issues, due to changes in your gait and posture. Fortunately, you can take steps today to start age-proofing your knees.

Here’s a look at a couple of ways to keep your knees feeling young and ready to move in the years and decades ahead.

Watch Your Body

 One of the most important steps you can take to age-proof your knees is to pay close attention to your posture. Poor posture can shift your body weight off-center and forward. Compensating for this shift places extra weight on the knees.

By practicing good posture, you distribute your weight properly and remove the extra load from your knees. You can achieve excellent posture by sitting up with the shoulders back and the back straight.

Take Advantage of Knee Braces

 Another way to age-proof your knees is to wear a knee brace. A well-designed brace will provide you with relief from soreness, weakness, or instability in your knees by providing your knees with extra support. A brace can also help to relieve the irritations and minor swelling tied to arthritic conditions.

Improve Your Knee Health with Confidence Today!

 If you struggle with discomfort in your knees in the future, this can understandably take a toll on your physical mobility and, in turn, your mental health and overall quality of life. Although pain medication, such as anti-inflammatory medication, or a total knee replacement may help to address your problem, you can prevent your knees from getting to that point in the first place.

Age-proofing your knees doesn’t have to be complicated. Tap into the benefits of knee braces and paying closer attention to your posture to protect your knees’ health. Your future knees will thank you.