How to Find Assisted Health Care Jobs

The need for health care has continued to grow over the years and will continue to grow. As a result, there is a high demand for direct care workers in many different fields of healthcare. Stem trainer also guide kids about this. In order to meet the needs of growing population, it is important that more people enter these professions. It can be difficult to find work as an assistant in the healthcare field, but there are some steps you can take to make your job search easier.

Search Your Options:

Make a list of all the places you would like to work, including hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Research each facility on the Internet, noting their hiring policies for assistants and any requirements they have for applicants. If a facility doesn’t have job openings listed on their website, call them and ask if they are accepting applications at this time.

Apply Online:

There are also a number of online websites that can help you locate a job in the health care industry, especially for work from home jobs. Take time to do thorough research before applying for a position however. Be sure that you understand all the duties and responsibilities mentioned in the job description.

Many facilities will advertise their open positions online, so it is important to create an account with the top job search engines in your area of interest. You can find websites that specialize in healthcare jobs at sites such as HealthCare Employment Network, SimplyHired and CareerBuilder.

Make a Phone Call:

While many facilities list both open positions online and in newspapers, some will only advertise job openings through direct phone calls. Call the facility’s human resources department to find out if there are any available positions that you can apply for.


Don’t underestimate the value of a good job hunter’s network! Talk with your friends and family and ask them if they know of any jobs available in this field.

If you have friends or family who are already working in the healthcare field, ask them if they know of any open positions that you can apply for. They may be able to give you information about openings before they are listed online or in the paper, giving you an advantage over other applicants. Additionally, many positions will only be available to those who have a referral, so offering a friend a small finder’s fee if they get you the job may help your chances.

Go On-Campus:

If you are currently enrolled in school, make time to visit your college’s career center. Some schools have job boards specifically for students of their programs. Your career center may also have listings for some on-campus jobs that will allow you to gain experience while earning money through a part-time or temporary position.

Asking your professors if they know of any positions available in their own network may also help you find a job. Professors and other faculty members often have many connections with businesses, so it’s likely that someone they know is looking for an assistant.

Search physician’s office:

If you are looking for a job in the medical assistant field, look to your physician’s office first. Many people have no idea that they can be employed directly by their own health care provider! The benefits of doing so are numerous to you as well as your employer. You will already know the work schedule and be familiar with the system. You won’t have weeks of orientation and training like you would with a new employer. There is also the convenience factor, no worry about relocating to another part of town. And lastly, if you do get hired by your regular doctor, he or she knows your medical history already; providing better care for his patients!

Contact Companies:

You can also check to see if there are any assisted health care jobs at a home medical equipment or supply company. If you have knowledge in this area, then these companies may have current openings for work from home opportunities within your area.

Don’t rule out temporary employment! Many people are surprised to learn that temporary jobs can be a great way to try out an employer, ease into the work environment, and test the waters with your abilities before you commit fully to a company.

Finally, don’t forget about corporate health care services! These types of companies often have a variety of available jobs that can be perfect for someone just starting out in the medical assistant field. There are even some opportunities to work from home through these companies as well!

Closing thought:

With so many jobs available in the healthcare industry, you should have no trouble finding a good job no matter what your interests are. Whether you want to work for yourself or someone else, there is something out there waiting for you!

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Guest Blog: How to Move Forward After Losing Your Job to COVID-19

You can find this article and many other useful resources on the Senior Care Central website.

While the country has recovered just over half of all the 22 million jobs lost during the initial coronavirus outbreak, millions of people are still struggling to find work in the wake of permanent business closures. If this scenario hits home and you continue searching for your next full-time position, you must find ways to make ends meet.

Advance Your Education

If you’re feeling limited by your job options, expand your skill set by going back to school. Earning a degree will open the door to more career opportunities and higher pay, and can be a great investment in your future. For example, if you want to pursue a career in the tech industry, give yourself a head start with a degree in IT management. A couple of other possibilities include nursing or business. Earning your degree from an online school like WGU is ideal if you’re also working a part-time job!

Protect Your Financial Health

When money is tight, it’s important to reevaluate your spending. Ensure you have what you need to pay the bills and keep a roof overhead, even if it means cutting out nonessential luxuries like cable and takeout. If debt is a problem, stop using credit cards and go cash-only for now. You could also consolidate your debt onto a low-interest line of credit or a new credit card with a promotional rate.

Get a Part-Time Job

Need money right now? Get a part-time job! A temporary job may not be able to match the income of your previous position, but it will help you make ends meet while you continue your search. According to Fast Company, there are plenty of industries that require part-time workers right now, including grocery stores and delivery services.

Try Freelancing

Another way to earn money during the pandemic is to look for remote opportunities online. Selling your skills through freelance work is an excellent way to do this! You can freelance in nearly any industry, including accounting, writing, marketing, project management, and data entry.

The pandemic is tough for everyone, but for those who are still out of work, things may be looking especially bleak. Keep moving forward, whether it means going back to school, landing a part-time job, or starting a freelance career.

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