Guest Blog: 8 Tips for Boomers to Use Screen Time Effectively

In this fast-paced digital world, technology is making a great impact on humans. They feel the compulsion to stay connected to their mobile phones or other devices. It has become a grave addiction that goes unnoticed and leads to serious health problems and issues.

You need to monitor your screen time and utilize technology constructively. Following are some of the tips on how you can use screen time effectively.

1.    Stem Classes

 For boomers or people who are new to technology and are unaware of how to use it efficiently, they can join stem classes that offer knowledge about four disciplines including technology. Taking stem classes enables you to think creatively and critically thus teaching you the art of self-management. Stem classes will prove to be very beneficial in the long run as you are living in a world of technology.

2.    Make a Time Framework

You should be well aware of how to manage time effectively. Make a timetable and an action plan then act out on it accordingly. You have to set parameters at what times you will be using your mobile phone and for what purpose. Suppose if you have studied for 3 hours then spare screen time of about forty minutes to yourself. Set a time when you will be getting back to your emails. If you just reply to your text messages or emails the moment you receive them, then you will not have an organized routine. This will distract you from focusing on the task you are currently doing.

3.    E-Learning

Technology can aid you in learning in a better way. Some people are better adapted to this type of learning. They learn best by kinesthetic modes. Install some learning and educational apps on your mobile phones. This can save you from wasting time on social media and lead to better learning strategies. You will turn out to be more productive and knowledgeable. Learn to utilize the resources wisely to be successful in life.

4.    Stop Procrastinating

The act of delaying your tasks is not a professional thing to do. Procrastination needs to be cut down to enable you in thinking constructively about a subject matter. Do not just keep on scrolling through your social networking sites but instead make use of it in a good manner. Go through some informative articles related to your subject or you can even read them for your knowledge and experience.

5.    Limiting Screen Time

An app called Family Safety allows managing screen time productively. You can set time limits to the apps you want to use less. You can switch to Focus Mode on your phones that turn off your social networking apps and you do not receive any notifications until the mode is switched on.

6.    Avoid Multitasking

If you try to complete multiple tasks simultaneously, thinking this would save up time, don’t do it. This will lead to information overload. You will not be able to even complete a single task with good results. Try focusing on one task at a time as every task requires critical or creative thinking. Thus, this will aid in using the screen time effectively.

7.    Block Ads

Ads can be a real nuisance at times. You will be researching your thesis and random ads would pop up n your window, prompting you to click on them. These advertisements are nothing but a distraction. They might look tempting but they will just take you to another window and waste your time or you will even end up bringing the virus to your computer or mobile. Thus, you should install some ad-blocking app or software that will help you concentrate.

8.    Brainstorming Session

Before beginning any task, it is preferable to do brainstorming. For instance, keep in mind what is your task and goal that you want to achieve. You should have a goal in your mind only then will you be able to achieve something. As the saying goes, “an empty mind has an evil in it”, so sitting idle scrolling through the screen would not help. Stay focused and involved in your task. You should be clear about what you have to do.