Guest Blog: Health advise for patients using CBD oils for anxiety.


Like many mental disorders, anxiety can be very annoying to deal with and affect our everyday lives. There are many different cures and remedies people use to deal with anxiety and lower its impact. CBD oils have proven to be very effective against anxiety, but their usage isn’t as widespread as other substances.

For people who opt for CBD oils, there are some crucial things to remember regarding how they affect our bodies. We will look at the positive effects of using CBD oils and the side effects that are generally associated with the usage of CBD oils.

What exactly is CBD oil?

CBD oil stands for cannabidiol oil, and it comes from the cannabis plant. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from cannabis plants and mixing it with something like hemp seed oil to dilute it.

Most of us know cannabis as a substance with mind-altering properties. The sensation of getting high comes from THC in the cannabis plant, which is a psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD oil and CBD oil products don’t have the same properties that can make a person high, making them safer for consumption.

Different people like to consume CBD oil in different ways. CBD oil can come in the form of dietary supplements or in the shape of something like gummies. Some people prefer consuming CBD oil through some drink like tea.

CBD oil in dealing with anxiety

Researchers have found CBD oils to be very effective in dealing with anxiety. The oil has many qualities that make it ideal for people who often suffer from anxiety. For people who are recovering addicts and feel anxious most of the time, CBD oils are very good in alleviating a lot of your symptoms.

The amount that you should use can differ from person to person. It is recommended that you talk to your doctor before CBD usage, especially if you have other health risks.

Many other benefits

There are also many other benefits of CBD oil usage. Not only do they calm your brain and help in dealing with anxiety, but CBD oils are also great in dealing with pain relief and sleep disorders. Some researchers have also found that CBD oils can help lower the chances of cancer and heart disease.

Side effects of CBD consumption

Despite all the positives associated with CBD consumption, there are some negatives you should be wary about before using CBD oil or CBD oil products. The most common side effects of CBD are:

  • Fatigue
  • Change in appetite: some people feel increased hunger, and others don’t feel like eating at all.
  • Weight loss: some people encountered random weight loss from CBD consumption
  • Diarrheic

Everyone does not feel these symptoms, but there have been cases where people have felt these to an extreme. Other than these symptoms, some people also encounter drowsiness from CBD oils.

Alternatives to CBD oil

CBD oils are recommended to be consumed in small doses regularly for effective long-term results. For many people, CBD might not be very effective and they might look for a different type or remedy. Kratom is a plant that, like CBD, is very effective against anxiety and other mental disorders. Ethnobotany is humans’ relation to plants in their locality, and both ethnobotanicals Kratom and CBD have benefits associated with consumption.

What makes kratom different is that kratom can be more potent when looking at a single dose and provides more instant relief from anxiety. Kratom consumption is not recommended for longer peridots of time, and it shares many of the adverse side effects of CBD.

Other than that, lifestyle changes are also effective in dealing with anxiety. Exercising more, meditation, and being more social have proven to be very effective against anxiety. Some people might feel stronger symptoms and not be able to function properly. For them, something like CBD or kratom are the obvious choices.

Age of people who use CBD

CBD can be used by any adult that feels like they need it. That being said, for older adults, or people with other health conditions, it is recommended to use less of these substances and consult a doctor before using them. The symptoms older people feel can be much more amplified.