Guest Blog: Android Apps For Especially Designed For Boomers


The  Boomer generation is widely considered the wealthiest and most active generation in history. The Baby Boomer generation is widely considered the richest and most active generation in history. The boom began after World War II with post-war optimism, continued unabated through the civil rights movement, youth rebellion of the 1960s, women’s liberation of the 1970s, and was sustained throughout the explosion of computer technology that has dominated the 1980s and 1990s.

The Very Best Mobile Apps for Baby Boomers are touch screen phone apps designed for seniors, people with vision problems or memory issues, or people who are just plain old fashioned. Here are some of the best new Android apps available for older adults who want to keep in touch, stay active, and remain independent.

1- Booming With Laughter

Laughter is more than just an app for senior LOLs. It’s a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends. It’s free, easy to use, and it makes sending messages simple for seniors who want to keep up on the latest news while having some laughs along the way. It’s the equivalent of a photo booth for your phone; users can take photos, add special effects and instantly share them with others in the app community. What makes Laughter such appealing entertainment is that it comes packed with hundreds of funny visual bits like memes, cartoons, jokes, and animations.

2- In-1 Band Saw and Scroll Saw

This powerful double app functions as a band saw to cut wood, plastic, aluminum, and steel. With a 20-inch capacity of the material, this saw delivers the power of a commercial band saw in the convenience of a scroll saw design. In addition, it features cam-lock blade clamps, adjustable table angles for bevel cutting, and guide bearings into which the upper wheel fits with steel ball bearings.

3- 3D Bowling Game

This is an exciting 3D bowling game with realistic graphics ux design and challenging gameplay. It delivers a high-quality bowling experience complete with online leaderboards so users can compete against others from around the world. This fast-paced game also comes with ten-pin bowling, candlepin, five-pin bowling, duckpins, giant killer, coin collector, and other challenges to keep players coming back for more.

4- The New Retirement

This app helps Baby Boomers and others plan for the future. It explores and discusses everything about retirement and provides more than 20 general guidelines to help ensure a worry-free life after work ends. In addition, the app explains tax situations, estate planning, health care decisions, and many other things related to retirement living. It also has information on retirement communities, retirement gifts for family members, and more.

5- AARP Tax-Aide 2011

This app helps users with personal tax preparation. It’s free, easy to use, and provides direct access to AARP counselors who the IRS qualified to represent taxpayers at the nation’s most considerable Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site network. It’s an excellent tool for seniors looking to file their taxes without the worry and stress of going through the process alone.

6- Twitter

This app is a social networking site that lets people share thoughts and feelings with friends, family members, and others. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest news while staying connected to loved ones who are miles away.

Brain Wave Control 1.0

This game uses brain wave control to move the character on screen by collecting stone pieces. It has three mini-games and a global high scores table.

7- Boomerang

This app allows you to watch your favorite videos, read the latest news and weather reports, tweet to friends on Twitter, write notes, check email, update your Facebook status–all without having to leave the comfort of your couch or swivel your desk chair. More than 10 million users have downloaded this app to their smartphones and tablets, which means it’s bound to become a favorite among Boomers as well.

The Very Best Of the 50s & 60s

This music app features some of the very best songs from the 1950s and 1960s decades. You’ll find classics like “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers, “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, and “I Got You Babe” by Sonny & Cher. It’s a great way to relive the golden years of music from an era that will never be forgotten.


1- The majority of the apps featured in this post are free. If you don’t mind ads, then many of them come packed with no cost to you.

2- People should always read the user reviews before downloading an app. This will help you better understand what the program is about and how it runs on different platforms. It will also give you an idea of the quality level and any complaints other users may have had.

3- It’s essential to look for updates because these can change app functions and improve their performance levels. Updates are handy if you have an older version of a program installed on your device.

Lastly, Several different android apps are specially designed for Boomers. 7 of them have been mentioned in this post, but there are plenty more where those came from. If you’re an active Baby Boomer who wants to be able to do things on the go, then these types of Android programs will help keep boredom at bay and make your life a whole lot easier.


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Guest Blog: Selecting comfortable clothing for boomers


As we age, it’s especially important to dress comfortably. Your clothing should allow you to move freely and be easy to get in and out of—no matter what your day has in store.

The clothing you choose should be comfortable and appropriate:

You should always dress for the occasion, but when you’re older, it’s especially important to choose clothing that makes you feel good. You want to be confident in what you wear and comfortable with how people perceive your appearance. You should always dress appropriately be it your formal dresses or casual ones!

While comfort is key for everyone as we age, it’s especially important for boomers who may have mobility issues or other physical limitations that make dressing difficult. If an item isn’t comfortable enough to wear on its own merits (i.e., without being treated as a “fashion statement”), then it probably won’t look great on anyone no matter how expensive or well-designed it might be!

Look for clothes with easy access to pockets and zippers:

  • Zippers are easier to use than buttons, so it’s best to look for clothing that has them.
  • Pockets are important for boomers because they can hold their phones or keys, which makes it easier for them to get around without having to carry a purse or bag all the time.
  • Pockets can be placed in convenient locations on the body; pockets on shirts (like those used by men) tend to be higher up on the chest area near their shoulder blades while women’s shirts usually have lower pockets located closer towards their waistline so they don’t interfere with their skirts/dresses when sitting down at desks or tables during lunchtime meetings at work!

Pick clothing that is easy to put on:

For those who have difficulty dressing, look for clothing that is easy to put on. Pockets, zippers and hooks are all good options. Consider clothing with a button-down front as well as snaps or Velcro closures. This makes it easier for you to reach the buttons or fasteners without assistance from someone else.

If you’re concerned about keeping your shirt tucked in throughout the day and don’t want to wear suspenders (which can be uncomfortable), try a belt clip instead of suspenders! The belt clip attaches directly onto your pants so there’s no need for an extra strap around your waistline–it simply sits on top of them when worn under jackets/coats etc., but still keeps everything looking neat when worn alone too!

Pair slacks with ankle boots or flats:

Ankle strap boots are more comfortable than heels and flats, whereas, flats are more comfortable than heels.

Heels are not always the best choice for people who have to stand or walk a lot during their day. If you’re going to be on your feet all day in one of these shoes, make sure that you have some cushioning on the sole of your foot so that it doesn’t hurt too much after a while (and make sure not to wear socks with them).

Choose soft fabrics, such as cotton or fleece:

Soft fabrics, such as cotton and fleece, are ideal for summer clothing. They’re also great for winter wear because they keep you warm without making you sweat.

If you have allergies or are sensitive to wool, cotton is a good fabric choice because it doesn’t irritate your skin like other materials do.

Choose stretchy, flexible fabrics:

Stretchy fabrics are more comfortable because they allow you to move freely, and they’re more forgiving of body shape changes. They’re also less likely to cause pain or discomfort as you age, as well as more likely to be breathable and allow for better circulation.

If you want a specific example of this principle in action, look at yoga pants! They’re designed with stretchy materials so that they’ll be comfortable even when you bend down into all kinds of different poses during your workout.

Wear socks that provide extra cushioning and support:

It’s a good idea to wear socks that provide extra cushioning and support under your feet. Wearing socks that are too tight can cause blisters on the top of your foot, while wearing socks that are too loose can cause your feet to slide around in your shoes.

When shopping for new footwear, try on different sizes until you find ones that feel right for your foot size and shape by measuring from heel to toe before purchasing them (you should be able to cover this distance easily without taking off or putting on shoes).

Lastly, make sure that any athletic-style sneakers shoes have room at the back of their tongues so they don’t rub against sensitive areas like Achilles tendons when walking around all day long!

Wear loose-fitting clothes that allow you to move freely in them:

Loose-fitting clothes are more comfortable, easier to put on and take off, and don’t restrict movement. They also allow for extra layers to be added or removed as needed.

Dress in layers so you can adjust as needed throughout the day:

Layering is a great way to stay comfortable throughout the day. You can add or remove layers as needed, which means you can adjust your clothing to keep warm or cool, dry or dry.

If you have a long day of activities planned and don’t want to have to change into different clothes at each stop along the way, then layering is a good option for you. It helps keep your clothing clean too!

Consider a sleeveless dress shirt or top:

Sleeveless dresses and shirts are an alternative to traditional button-front shirts. They are easier to put on, especially for people with limited dexterity and strength in their hands. And unlike regular buttons, there’s no risk of losing a sleeve!

Sleeveless tops can be worn alone or layered over other clothing items like sweaters or jackets. This makes it easier to dress for cooler temperatures throughout the year–a significant benefit for boomers who may experience temperature fluctuations due to medical conditions such as diabetes or arthritis.

The right bra:

The right bra can help you look great and feel good. It will be comfortable and provide the support you need. A good fitting bra will also help prevent back pain, shoulder problems and other issues that can be caused by wearing an ill-fitting bra. If your breasts are sagging, it’s important for them to be supported so they don’t bounce around when walking or running.

You should replace your bras every six months or so depending on how often they’re worn (the more they’re used, the sooner they’ll wear out).


There are many ways to dress comfortably as we age. By paying attention to the details and choosing clothing that fits well, you can look good while feeling great while also maintaining your independence. If you have mobility problems, look for easy-on/off clothing with elastic waists or cuffs, zippers or hooks that allow for quick dressing without assistance. If you’re looking for something special but don’t want to worry about getting dressed in the morning, consider a sleeveless top or dress shirt instead of button-down shirts with buttons!

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Guest Blog: 8 Tips for Boomers to Use Screen Time Effectively

In this fast-paced digital world, technology is making a great impact on humans. They feel the compulsion to stay connected to their mobile phones or other devices. It has become a grave addiction that goes unnoticed and leads to serious health problems and issues.

You need to monitor your screen time and utilize technology constructively. Following are some of the tips on how you can use screen time effectively.

1.    Stem Classes

 For boomers or people who are new to technology and are unaware of how to use it efficiently, they can join stem classes that offer knowledge about four disciplines including technology. Taking stem classes enables you to think creatively and critically thus teaching you the art of self-management. Stem classes will prove to be very beneficial in the long run as you are living in a world of technology.

2.    Make a Time Framework

You should be well aware of how to manage time effectively. Make a timetable and an action plan then act out on it accordingly. You have to set parameters at what times you will be using your mobile phone and for what purpose. Suppose if you have studied for 3 hours then spare screen time of about forty minutes to yourself. Set a time when you will be getting back to your emails. If you just reply to your text messages or emails the moment you receive them, then you will not have an organized routine. This will distract you from focusing on the task you are currently doing.

3.    E-Learning

Technology can aid you in learning in a better way. Some people are better adapted to this type of learning. They learn best by kinesthetic modes. Install some learning and educational apps on your mobile phones. This can save you from wasting time on social media and lead to better learning strategies. You will turn out to be more productive and knowledgeable. Learn to utilize the resources wisely to be successful in life.

4.    Stop Procrastinating

The act of delaying your tasks is not a professional thing to do. Procrastination needs to be cut down to enable you in thinking constructively about a subject matter. Do not just keep on scrolling through your social networking sites but instead make use of it in a good manner. Go through some informative articles related to your subject or you can even read them for your knowledge and experience.

5.    Limiting Screen Time

An app called Family Safety allows managing screen time productively. You can set time limits to the apps you want to use less. You can switch to Focus Mode on your phones that turn off your social networking apps and you do not receive any notifications until the mode is switched on.

6.    Avoid Multitasking

If you try to complete multiple tasks simultaneously, thinking this would save up time, don’t do it. This will lead to information overload. You will not be able to even complete a single task with good results. Try focusing on one task at a time as every task requires critical or creative thinking. Thus, this will aid in using the screen time effectively.

7.    Block Ads

Ads can be a real nuisance at times. You will be researching your thesis and random ads would pop up n your window, prompting you to click on them. These advertisements are nothing but a distraction. They might look tempting but they will just take you to another window and waste your time or you will even end up bringing the virus to your computer or mobile. Thus, you should install some ad-blocking app or software that will help you concentrate.

8.    Brainstorming Session

Before beginning any task, it is preferable to do brainstorming. For instance, keep in mind what is your task and goal that you want to achieve. You should have a goal in your mind only then will you be able to achieve something. As the saying goes, “an empty mind has an evil in it”, so sitting idle scrolling through the screen would not help. Stay focused and involved in your task. You should be clear about what you have to do.

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