Senior Care Central is an online service that links older persons and those with disabilities with quality, professional caregivers. Our pool of caregivers includes only nursing students and CNAs. We are not a home health care agency, but our unique database allows persons to seek caregivers by zip code, review caregiver profiles, and negotiate their own care arrangements with the caregiver they choose.
You can demonstrate commitment to community benefit by referring people to SCC. You can help your staff to meet the healthcare needs of persons being discharged to home who need some extra assistance, but who do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement for needed services.

The following benefits are free:
• a 1-hour orientation to use of the website for your case managers, discharge planners, transitional care coordinators, and/or home health care staff.
• Free personal phone consultation for staff as you begin to use our services
• Complete access to the continually updated database of professional caregivers
• Complete access to all resources, health links, and tools on the website
• Dr. Mauk’s Boomer Blog
• eNewsletter
• a unique discount code for your patient/clients to save money on SCC membership
• Availability of SCC staff by phone to answer questions from individual members

How it works
SCC’s unique database helps to fill the gap for patients/clients who wish to remain in home and age in place, but who either may not qualify for home health care services covered by insurance, or who need a more affordable option for paying for out-of-pocket assistance. Our database consists of only professional caregivers and a care arrangement is negotiated directly between the chosen caregiver and the patient/client, allowing for greater flexibility at a much lower cost than traditional home care services.

While individuals can subscribe as Care Seekers to access benefits shown in the SCC brochure, Health Care Organizations who wish to help their patient/clients by providing an SCC referral get additional benefits as outlined above. HCO Members will be provided a coupon code exclusive to their organization. This unique code can be used by HCO staff and patient/clients to access the database of caregivers or resources at a discounted rate to help with discharge planning.

The SCC staff will assist you to identify appropriate staff members to use the SCC database and resources. Your specified leadership will be trained on use of the site through an orientation session. Your key staff members will receive personal consultation and coaching from our staff as they implement use of the website and resources through SCC.

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