Guest Blog: How You Become A Legal Nurse Consultant


Legal nurse consultants are registered nurses who specialize in the legal field. They work as consultants for attorneys, insurance agencies, and other companies that deal with legal matters. The duties of a legal nurse consultant can vary from one consulting firm to another; however, most require you to interview plaintiffs and witnesses and document their responses on case files. You also need to take notes on the information from depositions or interviews and prepare reports for your clients based on your findings. This article will help you understand what a Legal Nurse Consultant does, as well as give your insight into what it takes to become one.

What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A legal nurse consultant is an expert witness who provides guidance to attorneys on injury cases related to healthcare and medical devices. Legal nurse consultants work on a contractual basis and are often hired by law firms to put together a case against a healthcare entity, such as a hospital or drug manufacturer, that is the defendant in a civil lawsuit. The role of a legal nurse consultant is to review medical records, speak to patients, and review a wide range of materials that attorneys may use to support their claims. A legal nurse consultant can also testify in court, if necessary. Legal nurse consultants are often seen as a crucial part of the pre-trial discovery process.

What Does a Legal Nurse Consultant Do?

As a legal nurse consultant, you could find yourself conducting interviews with patients who’ve suffered injuries and/or death due to medical negligence or errors including IVF in hospital etc. You may also be called upon to examine and review medical records and/or other documents related to the case. Depending on your job duties and the needs of your employer, you could be conducting many different activities that make up the day-to-day life of a legal nurse consultant. Some of the tasks you might be responsible for as a legal nurse consultant include:

– Reviewing medical records to determine if they are accurate and complete – Carrying out physical examinations of patients to document findings

– Interviewing witnesses or clients (under oath) to determine the facts of their cases

– Writing reports summarizing your findings and observations

– Testifying in court about your findings and recommendations

How to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant

To become a legal nurse consultant, you first need to become a registered nurse. You can then gain additional experience by working in a variety of healthcare fields, including oncology, emergency room, and critical care. Nurses who have worked in these areas can better understand the pressures and challenges that can occur in these environments. Some organizations recommend that you have at least five years of experience as a nurse before you apply to become a legal nurse consultant. Most legal nurse consulting firms require that you have experience in a clinical setting. The more experience you have working in different areas of health care, the better your chances of being hired.

Courses You Need to Become a Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and pass a certification exam. There are two certification options that you can take to become a legal nurse consultant: – Registered Nurse Certification Exam: The National Certification Board for Health Care Providers (NCB) offers a Registered Nurse certification exam that covers numerous topics, including health promotion, health assessment, pharmacology, medical terminology, and infection control. You can take this exam either through the mail or online.

Certification Options for Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants are not required to be certified or licensed. However, the more education and experience you have in the field, the better your chances of landing a job as a legal nurse consultant, or you can take online tuition for more knowledge. If you’re interested in becoming a legal nurse consultant, you can gain experience as a legal nurse consultant with a consulting firm that offers internships. While working as an intern, you can gain valuable insight into the role of a legal nurse consultant. You can also network with attorneys and gain valuable experience that may help you land a job in this field after you graduate. Once you graduate, you can also apply for a job as a legal nurse consultant at a law firm. You may need to take the certification exam before you can start working as a consultant. You can find out more about how to become a legal nurse consultant by contacting attorneys in your area, contacting consulting firms.


Legal nurse consultants help attorneys build cases against healthcare providers by interviewing patients and reviewing medical records. They are crucial during the discovery process and can testify about their findings in court. Becoming a legal nurse consultant requires a bachelor’s degree in nursing, plus two years of experience. You can then take the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Exam offered by the Health Lawyers Association.