Tired of using eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct poor vision? Maybe it is time for you to consider LASIK surgery. However, many people are hesitant and scared to go ahead with the surgery for different reasons. Some are afraid of staying awake during the surgery while others fear pain or discomfort.
Here are 7 reasons why you must book that surgery instead of letting fear get in the way.

     1. Simple and Quick Procedure

LASIK eye surgery is a simple procedure where you do not need general anesthesia. The entire process is extremely quick and the surgery is completed in a matter of minutes. Typically, it takes around 5 to 10 minutes per eye, after which you may return home to begin the recovery.

You may experience hazy or blurred vision immediately following the procedure but you need not worry about that. It is normal and you should begin to experience clearer vision within hours after the surgery.

     2. Painless Surgery

Does LASIK eye surgery hurt? No, it does not. The entire procedure is completely painless. The surgeon will numb your eyes using eye drops, after which you will not feel a thing.

However, if the idea of staying conscious during the surgery makes you anxious, you can ask the doctor for a sedative to calm your nerves.

     3. QuickRecovery

LASIK surgery recovery can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. There is a chance that you may experience dry eyes and sensitivity to light. However, these symptoms do not last long and the recovery period is minimal. Most patients notice that their vision improves almost immediately.

     4. Gives Immediate Results

Most patients experience a 20/20 vision almost immediately after the surgery. Rest the eyes for a little time after the surgery, take a nap and you will wake up with almost a clear vision.

     5. Minimum Pain or Discomfort

You won’t feel any discomfort due to the eye drops that anesthetize the eyes. It is normal to be concerned about complications that may arise due to blinking or moving the eye during the surgery. However, the numbing eye drops will decrease the natural urge to blink.

The surgeon uses aneye lid separator as well to prevent you from blinking. He then uses the laser to create a corneal flap on the eye. As scary as that sounds, in reality there is little to no pain and discomfort during the process.

You might experience mild irritation after the procedure for the first 4 to 6 hours.

     6. No Complications

You may worry about losing your eyesight completely due to the surgery. However, according to FDA data, there are zero cases of blindness resulting from the surgery.
Even the occurrence of complications after the surgery is very rare. If they do occur, they can be resolved easily with medication or another treatment.

     7. Experienced Surgeons and Latest Technology

Only the most experienced LASIK surgeons carry out this process. They take the time to discuss the case with each patient before the surgery. They welcome questions and put the patients at ease by answering all the questions.
During the corrective eye surgery, the doctors use the latest technology. They use a LASIK eye tracker that constantly measures where the eye is. The tracker uses infra-red cameras to track eye movement during the procedure at a rate of 200-500 frames per second. This ensures that the laser treatment is precise.

Final Words

As you can see, the procedure is rather painless and barely takes 20 minutes. In just a few minutes, you can enjoy clear vision and say goodbye to your glasses and contact lenses.

Author Bio:

Aaron Barriga is the online marketing manager for Insight Vision Center. With a knack for understanding medical procedures, and an interest in eye and vision health, Aaron loves to share what he knows and what he learns. He blogs to inform readers about the latest eye care technology and other topics related to eye care, especially LASIK. Aaron loves collecting coasters from the different bars and restaurants he visits during his travels.