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Guest Blog: 12 Best Senior Fitness Blogs

The fitness market is booming and senior fitness is no exception. Today’s older adults enjoy the physical challenges of better fitness for increased health and mobility. Improving fitness levels and staying active plays an important role in senior safety and maintaining a healthy, strong body.

With so many people getting outdoors, to the gym, or just finding time to exercise at home, it can be a mental challenge to sort through an abundance of information. These 12 blogs on senior fitness and related issues are worth following for daily tips and pointers.



1. Silver Sneakers – One of the most up-to-date and best-maintained blogs on senior fitness, Silver Sneakers offers tips on health, nutrition, exercise, and living well. Silver Sneakers is a must-read for mature adult athletes.

2. Philips Lifeline – From exercises to improve strength and balance to Yoga for seniors, The Lifeline blog covers a variety of fitness topics for older adults.

3. Senior Fitness – With articles on fit eating, relationships between cognitive ability and exercise, and muscle building, Senior Fitness is a comprehensive blog for seriously active seniors.

4. 50Plus – Focusing on fitness at home, 50Plus is a good resource for Boomers just embarking on their fitness journey.

5. Sportscience – Educational and informative, the Sportscience site features detailed technical information on aging and fitness.

6. The American Senior Fitness Association – This archive includes comprehensive senior fitness articles for mature adults.

7. ElderGym Senior Fitness – With an emphasis on physical therapy exercise and fitness, this blog covers a wide range of topics related to special needs and rehabilitative exercising.

8. Simply Senior Fitness – Focusing on quality of life and the medical aspects of fitness, Simply Senior Fitness is a valuable go-to for exercise related insights.

9. Prime of Life Fitness – Featuring advice for more than just the typical 55+ crowd, Prime of Life presents topics for fitness buffs from 40 to 100.

10. Life in Motion – This is a fun and motivational blog for seniors curious about beginning a fitness routine and those with a moderate level of activity.

11. Incremental Fitness – Moderated by an aging specialist and promoting movement as a key fitness value for older adults, Incremental Fitness tackles a variety of important exercise topics.

12. Senior Exercise Central – In addition to daily topics on health, nutrition, benefits of continued fitness, and others, seniors can find workout routines and individual descriptions of various exercises and lifts.

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